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                                       Coolant System & Head Gasket Repair Expert

                                           Vehicle overheat??                                                Blown Head Gasket??

                                                          Thermalweld Mobile Repair

* Often a head gasket needs to be repaired and sealed, not completly replaced.

* If your vehicle can run for 15 minutes, it probably can be fixed!!

* Call and get your coolant system diagnosed and your head gasket repaired by an experienced service technician.

           Thermalweld technicians are trained to analyze coolant systems, & repair head gaskets.

                                                         FIXED OR FREE **GUARANTEED**

                                                                            The total price is less than 1/3 of what a shop would charge.                                                                                                                     CHECK OUT THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF HEAD GASKETS BEING REPAIRED WITH THE THERMALWELD PROCESS

Cheap over the counter engine sealers like sodium silicate solutions create a glassy “plug” that crumbles away in a matter of days or weeks. Thermalweld is proprietary blend of lubricating graphite and microscopic fibers; this forms an interlocking bonded layer that expands and contracts along with the head gasket itself.                                                                                                                                             Thermalweld is only available through Thermalweld technicians.

STEP 1. A factory trained Thermalweld Technician will discuss the coolant system and the head gasket condition over the phone. Not every blown head gasket can be repaired. With a 5 minute conversation we can determine if the Thermalweld process can correct your problem. If a service call is scheduled, the success rate is over 90%.

STEP 2. After qualifying over the phone, an authorized Technician will come to the vehicle. While completely flushing the coolant system & preparing it for treatment, we test the thermostat, water pump, radiator, heater core, hoses, and radiator cap. Then repair it, test drive it, offer recommendations, and make sure that the head gasket is fixed right.

STEP 3. After the repair is complete, the Technician will provide a written product & labor warranty.

                                                 The repair can last as long as a head gasket replacement.
**CADILLAC NORTHSTAR**     Engine overheating?     Loosing coolant?    Coolant low light keeps coming on?                                                                 Special process and bleeder assembly installed.


                                  Hundreds of sucesfull repairs. References available.  Call and find out.

There will be a $75 charge for the service call and diagnosis. If after making all attempts to repair the vehicle, and it is found to be non-repairable, there will be NO CHARGE for the repair process. After a successful repair, the $75 service call fee will be will be credited to the total price.
There are NO hidden charges.
* Call today for a FREE consultation  1 (800) 478-8599

                               *Mobile flushing and coolant exchange for Motor Homes, Cars, & Trucks.

* Ideal Services LLC is not responsible for any other mechanical problems.ideal-services-3-inches.

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