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The best & most experienced head gasket repair technician in Orange / L.A. & Ventura counties


                                                          Expert Coolant System Analysis 

                                           Vehicle overheat??                                                Blown Head Gasket??

                                                          Thermalweld Mobile Repair

* Often a head gasket needs to be repaired and sealed, not completly replaced.

* If your vehicle can run for 15 minutes, it probably can be repaired!!

* After about a 5-minute conversation we can tell you if your vehicle can be repaired .

Chemically repairing a head gasket requires more than pouring something into your coolant system.                                       Repairing a head gasket requires experience, a proven method & a superior product.

Thermalweld is a proprietary blend of graphite and microscopic fibers, which forms an interlocking bonded layer.            Thermalweld is only available through Thermalweld technicians.                                                                                                                   

                                                                      FIXED OR FREE **GUARANTEED**

                                                                         The total price is usually less than 1/4 of what a shop would charge.                                                                                                               CHECK OUT THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF HEAD GASKETS BEING REPAIRED WITH THE THERMALWELD PROCESS

STEP 1. A factory trained Thermalweld Technician will discuss the coolant system and the head gasket condition over the phone. Not every blown head gasket can be repaired. A 5 minute conversation can determine if the Thermalweld process can correct your problem.               If a service call is scheduled, the success rate is over 95%.

STEP 2. After qualifying over the phone, an authorized Technician will come to the vehicle. While completely flushing the coolant system & preparing it for treatment, the thermostat, water pump, radiator, hoses, fans, and radiator cap will be analyzed.                                         After the repair- we test drive it, offer recommendations, and make sure that the head gasket is fixed right.

STEP 3. After the repair is complete, provide a written product warranty.

                                                 The repair can last as long as a head gasket replacement.

                                                           **CADILLAC NORTHSTAR**
            Engine overheating?     Loosing coolant?    Coolant low light keeps coming on?                 Proven process with bleeder assembly installed. Click HERE for Northstar repair information


                                  Superior Knowledge and a Superior Product = Success!!

                                  Hundreds of successful repairs. References available.  Call and find out.

There will be a $75 charge for the service call and analysis.  If after making all attempts to repair the vehicle, and it is found to be non-repairable, there will be NO CHARGE for the repair process. After a successful head gasket repair, the $75 service call fee will be will be credited to the total price.
There are NO hidden charges.
* Call for a FREE consultation  1 (800) 478-8599

System analyzation included: pressure tests, water pump strength, radiator, circulation & thermostat.  

No service call will be scheduled without a good chance of success.  CALL TODAY


WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THE ANTIFREEZE WAS CHANGED IN THE REST OF YOUR VEHICLES?   If it has been more than 2 years, it probably needs it!

After the head gasket repair, ask for a free pH test & coolant analysis for any vehicle.  


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