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May 1 2019

Thank you so much for coming down to Mission Viejo to repair my blown head gasket!  You not only fixed my car but you gave me my life back.  You have no idea the stress and hassle of not having a car has had me dealing with.  I have missed my sons baseball games and have not been able to have him stay with me because I could not take him to school and God forbid the doctors or hospital had there been an emergency.
The car is running great and I cant believe how much better I feel with the piece of mind you restored for me.
If you ever need anything please feel free to call me.  Also please feel free to post this to any social media sites and give my number out to anyone who wants a reference.  Thanks again!

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December 16 2018

Hey Dave my BMW is running awesome. The acceleration is back and the coolant level is staying right where it needs to be. I can’t thank you enough.

November 9 2018

“Yes my name is James and my car is been diagnosed with having head gasket problems. I went to a couple dealerships. They all told me that it will cost a lot to get it fixed but I didn’t have the money. I was online trying to get information regarding repairing head gaskets and I ran-into and I called and spoke to Dave. Dave was very professional and he assured me that he can fix my head gasket problem. So he came out, within an hour and a half the job was done. I asked him can I test drive it. He said yeah by all means, I tested it there was no smoking at all coming out of the tail pipe and it ran smoothly. I’m a true believer and when I got back from my test I was like how you not a millionaire because whatever you did to fix this man is great is this is this is beyond on my imagination I mean you know and the fact that he did it for $300 that was the best real deal. Imagine that someone does a head gasket job for $300 and your car is done. The dealerships said it takes like a week to two weeks to fix at $1500. So, Ideal Services is the greatest company as far as head gaskets. I recommended to anybody thank you.”

October 30 2018

My name is Gail Gates I’m 83 years old I have a 1998 Cadillac. I found out about the Cadillac service so I did it and she’s got 191,000 miles on it now and it just went beautiful. Man I just love that car. So anyway that’s the story on that one but I am so happy with it. I just wanted to say thank you. Bye now

August 10 2018

“Yes my name is William McMillan I my vehicle repaired and it’s working perfect I have no leaks, no coolant loss and I’m very impressed and I thank you. I got good directions and good help from the technician and I thank you very much and I’m gonna enjoy my Rover. Thank you.”

June 23 2018

“Hey I’ve been using Ever Seal in my car for about a year and it’s been working doing everything it needs to do and I’m really happy. I appreciate all of Dave’s hard work and we got it finished and it works. Thank you very much.”

May 14 2018

“Hello I’m calling about my experience with Dave, it has been great in my 1998 Eldorado. Oh yeah with 90,000mi on it and I’m getting along just fine and I called to give you a little testimonial here. It saved me a lot of money and that’s all I have to say thank you.”

March 5 2018

“Hi my name is Jessie Thomas I have a 96 GMC GMC 5.7 engine used the service and it works exactly like Dave said it would. It took maybe an hour and a half to do the whole process and Presto everything is fine this is my third day now driving the truck no smoke no running hot. Everything is perfect. Thanks a lot and I will be recommending to you to someone else

February 19 2018

“Hi my name is Alexander Dunn and I have utilized your service on my Subaru 2002 and it works great.  So, I just wanted to thank you very much for having your team on my side and helping me make a proper resolution of my engine problems. It’s very good to have you people in the world, thank you so much have a great day.”

January 16 2018

“I’m very happy with the product it works great. It looks like I would definitely recommend it to anybody else. I’m especially very thankful I did take your advice you were very helpful. So this is a great product. Try it, it’s gonna save you lots of money, saved me about $2000 and thank you very much. Bye.”

November 25 2017

“Yes I’ve been doing a couple of Cadillac’s and had great success, with all the great help David’s been given me and would recommend it to anybody that needs to fix a head gasket. If you’ve got any questions give me a call my number is 818-459-3*** thank you.”

November 6 2017

“Yes I am a satisfied customer. I’ve been driving my car now for a year after it had been diagnosed and told that I had a bad head gasket and another mechanic told me it was the intake manifold it was gurgling noise is in my heater core which indicated trapped air. I called Dave, he came out and flushed out my radiator and my whole cooling system with water, filled it up with water and the solution and everything was running and I’ve been running for year. I would recommend this definitely to friend I drive a 1999 Lincoln Town Car V8 system with 234,000 miles and I’m looking forward to getting to 300,000. Thanks.”

October 20 2017

“Hi Dave this is Diane with the Cadillac in Rancho Cucamonga. I picked the car up today from my mechanic and seems like everything is running good. So I just wanted to give you an update on that. My telephone number is 951-337-8***. So I will talk with you later God bless you bye bye.”

January 4 2016

Dave saved me over $1200 by fixing the head gasket in my 08’ Range Rover. We talked on the phone and came to the conclusion that he could repair my head gasket. Two days later he showed up and fixed it. I have been driving for 2 months and everything is working great. Thanks again. William Trotter

August 12 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

I found Dave on the Web.  My daughter’s car had a blown head gasket after a thermostat housing leak caused her to lose her coolant and the car to overheat.  Steam was pouring out the tailpipe and the car had a major loss of power.  I called Dave and we set up and appointment for him to       diagnose the car to see if it could be repaired with Ever Seal.  He came out on schedule (a big deal to me) and sure enough, the engine was     fixable with his solution.  It didn’t take him long at all, and he put up with me asking a thousand questions, as I have rebuilt engines myself before, and explained to me what to do after the fact.

We kept in touch via text and he continued to help me with the car and even helped give me advice with my Jeep that had a similar problem that didn’t end up having a blown head gasket after all.

Wow, I gotta say, Dave is really someone you want on your side. He’s knowledgeable, dependable, and professional.  What I got out of the deal, not even considering the savings on fixing a blown head gasket with a simple, fast, and effective solution, was much more than I expected.  I would highly recommend Dave for a low-cost solution for anything he’s able to help you with for your car.  As I said, I’ve rebuilt engines myself and know a lot about cars – Dave knows his stuff.


Jeff Long

President Granite Precision Inc.     Burbank

July 10 2015

This repair service is legit, everyone. It’s been a week since I got the Thermalweld work done to my car and it’s been running without any problems what so ever since the technician, Dave Whitmer, came to my apartment and serviced my vehicle. My car was showing the classic signs of a       damaged head gasket such as white smoke excessively coming out the tailpipe, overheating while idle, and that bubbling sound coming from my coolant reservoir. I drove my car from my apartment in Inglewood to Mid city and then to the Valley IMMEDIATELY after the work was done and my engine’s thermometer didn’t go a hair above the mid way mark. Since then I have been commuting all around LA both during rush hour traffic or just cruising and I have yet to have any problems. It’s been a full week since and trust me I’ve been watching the gauge like a sniper in combat and it hasn’t buckled at all. He also showed me how to do a full on radiator flush which will save me a some money in the future. If your car is having head gasket problems make sure you call this company instead of paying the mechanic to mess around and fix things they can’t guarantee to fix and wasting your time and money. I’m a very satisfied customer.

Sincerely, Tevin Teixeira     Inglewood Ca.

P.S. Best part is that they meet you where ever and practically whenever is most convenient to you.

July 3 2015   

Thank you Dave @ Ideal Head Repair,

I have a 1994 Toyota 4-Runner. About four months ago, it over heated  because of a bad water pump. After a mechanic replaced it ($275) he         informed me I also had a blown head gasket. The quote to replace the head gasket was over $1100, he could have told me about the head gasket BEFORE fixing the water pump. I didn’t have the money for the repair. I found Dave on Craigslist and called him. After we talked for about 10 minutes he said we have a good chance of repairing it. Three days later he came to my house, and repaired my head gasket in about 2 1/2 hours. I watched the whole process and could tell he knew what he was doing. We took it on a long test drive and everything was great. Dave explained that 4-Runners take a little more time & work than most vehicles but if you get them in time they can be repaired. Dave asked for a testimonial for his work, I told him I would have to drive it for a while before giving a recommendation. Three months later no problems at all. I would recommend his service to anyone.

Charles Seybold      L.A.

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