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What is the history of Ever Seal?

In 1995, a chemist named Robert Hooper developed 2-part head gasket repair solution called Thermalweld. After a     couple of years of development in the field, Thermalweld was private labeled. In 2011 Ideal Head Gasket Repair was       established as a Thermalweld Mobile Head Gasket repair service. Thermalweld has been extensively tested and exclusively used on 100’s of vehicles in the field. Resulting in predictable outstanding results.

What is the difference between Thermalweld & other “over the counter”/internet products?

The Thermalweld process is more than a chemical in a bottle. It is a procedure that has been developed over the last 23 years. With an experienced Technician and a superior product, your chances for a long term head gasket repair is maximized. Do research, then call the technical support staff from other manufacturers, ask “how many head gaskets have you personally repaired in the field”? There is no replacing experience.

How long has Ideal Head Gasket Repair been repairing head gaskets?

Since 2011, with over 700 successful repairs.

What is the Thermalweld Head Gasket Repair process?

We first evaluate the condition of the engine and coolant system. We then proceed to completely flush the cooling system of all antifreeze, rust, sediment, and scale and replace it with plain water. After insuring that the coolant system has been properly prepared, we run the engine till it gets to operating temperature then the Thermalweld solution is put through the cooling system. The head gasket leak gets permanently sealed in about 10 minutes. We then test drive the vehicle to insure the head gasket is repaired and that there are no overheating issues.

What do I do after it is repaired?

Drive it like you normally would, make sure it does not overheat.

How can I tell if I have a blown head gasket?

The most common symptom is white smoke (steam) coming out of the tail pipe. Other symptoms include loss of coolant from the radiator, overheating, or water in the oil. Check for water in the oil by removing the oil cap, observe if there is a milky looking substance on the bottom of the cap, and look at the oil dipstick. Water in the oil happens, but not         always. Water in the oil does not mean the head gasket can not be repaired.

How can I tell if the head gasket has been fixed?

The best way is to observe if the white smoke (steam), is no longer coming out of the tail pipe or loosing coolant. We can perform a block test to show that the head gasket has been repaired.

How long will the head gasket repair last?

Thermalweld is a permanent repair and will last indefinitely as long as there is no overheating problems. Overheating is the main reason for a head gasket failure. Overheating can be caused by loss of coolant, a clogged radiator, a faulty water pump, a faulty cooling fan or clutch, a worn radiator cap, a sticking thermostat, etc..  As part of the repair service, the coolant system will be analylzed, includung: pressure testing, thermostat, water pump, fans, & radiator. After the         analyzation recommendations will be made. Ideal Head Gasket Repair is not responsible for any mechanical problems with the vehicle other than the head gasket.

Will the process damage my cooling system?

No. The Thermalweld solution will only seal in between the head and block. Most of the over the counter and internet         products coat the entire cooling system. A lot of vehicles we fix have been unsuccessfully treated with those inferior products.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee to fix the head gasket problem or there is no charge. Fixed or Free. There will be a $85 charge for the service call and analyzation. If the vehicle is non-repairable, there is NO CHARGE  for the repair process. After the repair, the $85 service call fee will be will be credited to the total price. There are NO hidden fees!!

Are there any restrictions on the warranty?

There is no mileage restrictions in the warranty. You could drive thousands of miles and still be covered under               warranty. Only overheating the engine and not following the aftercare instructions will void the warranty.

Can I get my coolant system flushed and replaced with fresh antifreeze? 

Yes, anti-freeze needs to be replaced every 2 years or 30,000 miles, even extended life anti-freeze needs to be replaced periodically. We specialize in coolant systems and have the equipment to do it right with no mess. Call and ask about our full coolant system flushing and replacement fluid service.

Call for mobile head gasket repair or coolant system flushing and antifreeze exchange.

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