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Head gasket repair in the LA area

Instead of having an engine torn down for a blown head gasket, have it repaired by a Thermalweld technician. Call for a free evaluation. With a 5 minute conversation we can tell you if our process will work for you. With a Thermalweld head gasket repair technician, the chances of success are greatly increased. Click HERE for details. Most head gaskets are damaged after an overheating incident. One of the main causes of overheating is a faulty thermostat. Fluid does not circulate through the cooling system when a thermostat fails to open. In a short time the tempature indicator rises quickly. This indicates the engine is overheating. Many times drivers fail to notice the rise in temperature. Most people do not look at the temperature gauge all of the time. Sometimes when a driver sees that the temperature is rising, they say to themselves “I am just going to try and make it home”. By not pulling over immediately, the engine overheats and the head gasket is damaged. Failure to recognize that the engine is overheating, and not stopping can cost between $1,000 to $2,500 in a head gasket repair. Another cause of overheating is a bad radiator cap. If a radiator cap does not release pressure at the right time an over heating can occur. If a radiator cap can not hold pressure due to a seal leak an over heating can occur. Call for free advice with overheating questions.



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