Considering doing your own head gasket repair? Rent a flushing system for $1, get expert advice & a superior solution from a trained Thermalweld technician.

                                                  FIND THE UPPER RADIATOR HOSE SIZE

* To find what size your upper radiator hose is call for help, OR select this “Hose Size Chart“ (click on the silver car) enter Year/Make/Model note the inside diameter of the upper radiator hose (inches or mm). If the locator does not list your radiator hose size, call your local auto parts store and ask what the inside diameter of your upper radiator hose is (inches or mm).

Refer to chart below to order your adaptor size.

SMALL– 1″ to 1 3/16″ (25mm to 30mm)

MEDUIM– 1 1/4″ to 1 7/16″ (31mm to 37mm)

LARGE– 1 1/2″ to 1 11/16″ (38mm to 44mm)

EX-LARGE– 1 3/4″ to 2″ (45mm to 51mm)

                                       EXCHANGE THE ANTIFREEZE IN ALL OF YOUR VEHICLES

                                                   After the blown head gasket is repaired, what about the coolant in all of your other vehicles?   

*Most vehicles need to have the coolant changed today, use the Top Hose System to change the antifreeze in any vehicle.                                        *Coolant systems are the most ignored and the least understood by mechanics and owners.

Click to View “Antifreeze Facts”                                                                                  

All adaptors are sized to fit at least (3) different radiator hose sizes, so it is possible for one adaptor set to fit all of your vehicles.                   Different sized adaptor sets can be loaned to service all of your vehicles ($24 deposit required).