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Blown head gaskets can be permanently repaired without the cost or risk of tearing down the engine – Average price per vehicle $285.

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Every car made today has cylinder head, which bolts on top an engine block. The head gasket is between these two parts of an engine. A head gasket is to seal the coolant, which flows between the block and the head.

Compression from the pistons can blow a “hole” in the gasket allowing the exhaust to leak into the cooling system and coolant to leak back into the crankcase. A few symptoms of a blown head gasket, is loss of coolant. Leaking past the gasket into the cylinder can lose coolant. Then it can go past the rings and into the crankcase or out of the exhaust system.

If coolant enters the crankcase it will mix with the engine oil. Agitation caused by the crankshaft, rods and other moving parts can spin the coolant and oil like a blender. The results look like moca coffee. To check for coolant in the oil remove the oil fill cap on the engine. If it looks like moca           coffee coolant is in the oil. The need for a head gasket repair is probable.

When coolant is forced out of the exhaust system it is heated by the exhaust manifold and the rest of the exhaust system. The results are a sweet smelling steam coming from the tailpipe. When coolant hits the hot exhaust system it is like water on a hot iron. Once again a head gasket repair is probably needed.

To avoid a head gasket repair, never let the engine overheat. Check the coolant level, and have the coolant exchanged at proper intervals


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