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Cheap over the counter products for auto parts store are inferior, after you try a head gasket repair solution,                      when it fails call Ideal Head Gasket Repair.

Check out the video of an over the counter product failure.  4:12  


Radiator caps are spring loaded devices, disigned to relive internal coolant system pressure. When an engine reaches operating temperature, the fluid begins to expand by about 30%, which creates pressure. The pressure from the expanded fluid must be relived. When fluid expansion occurs, a spring in the cap compresses, and sends fluid into an overflow tank. The fluid in the overflow tank will remain until the engine cools down. After the engine cools down, the fluid in the engine goes back to its normal volume. This creates a back pressure in the coolant system. An inner second spring in the radiator cap opens, and draws the fluid in the overflow tank back into the radiator. A vehicle coolant system is a sealed closed loop system. Water boils at 212° F, the boiling point temperature is raised if the fluid stays under pressure. A pressure cooker is good example of a system under pressure. A  pressure cooker raises the boiling point to allow food to cook faster. If the pressure is released in a hot pressure cooker, the fluid will instantly boil. The same is true with a coolant system. 1 PSI of cap-rated pressure increases the boiling point by approximately 3°F. Most radiator caps pressure rating is between 12 – 16 psi. The boiling point of the engine coolant is raised to about 250°F to 260°F with a 50/50 antifreeze to water mixture. If a coolant system has an external leak, like a radiator hose or a bad seal on the radiator cap, the system is no longer under pressure. Which will cause an overheating problem. If an overheating occurs just once, the need for a head gasket repair is probable. The radiator cap is one of the main components that fails. Ideal Head Gasket Repair always performs a pressure test to determine if the radiator cap is functioning properly.        

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