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Take care of the radiator, avoid a head gasket repair

Hot fluid enters the radiator from the upper radiator hose. The hot fluid goes down through the passages in the radiator. To cool the fluid as it passes from the top of the radiator to the bottom hose, air is pushed through the front of the radiator while driving. Hot air is also pulled from the radiator with a fan in the engine compartment. If the radiator passages are clogged, fluid will not be cooled properly.   Uncooled fluid will be recirculated back into the engine. Over heating will occur. Also, a water pump requires a steady flow of fluid to    operate properly. If fluid can not get to the water pump fast enough because of a clogged radiator, the water pump will cavitate. When a water pump cavitates, instead of a steady flow through the engine block, short busts of fluid will occur.  If an engine is allowed to overheat the the head gasket could be damaged. At the first signs of an overheating engine, pull over the vehicle immediately. Sometimes an engine overheats without the driver even knowing it. Sometimes a driver see that the engine is overheating but keep driving. The best advice is to stop the engine as soon as possible. Once an engine overheats, the need for a head gasket repair is probable.

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