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A head gasket repair can last as long as a head gasket replacement


A coolant system is a sealed closed loop system, which will raise the boiling point as long as it stays under pressure (think cooking a chicken in a pressure cooker). Water boils at 212° F. The boiling point can be rasied to aproxamatly 250° F, as long the coolant system stays sealed. If a coolant system has an external leak such as a leaking radiator, a hose, or even a bad seal at the radiator cap, pressure is lost. The boiling point is lowered. In addition, vital fluid is lost with an external leak. As the fluid leaks out, there is less fluid to to help cool the engine. Manufactures design coolant systems to have a reserve cooling capacity of 30%. This means that the coolant system is built 30% stronger than what it needs to be. Over time the reserve capacity goes down due to normal wear and tear on the coolant system. A water pump impeller gets worn. A radiator has some of the cooling passages clogged up by minerals and sediment. If the cooling capacity goes too low an overheating will occur. If an overheating occurs only once, a head gasket repair could be needed. Exchanging antifreeze periodically is suggested by all manufacturers. Click on this link coolant exchange for more details. When Ideal Head Gasket Repair exchanges the antifreeze in a vehicle a complete analysis is performed. The tests include: pressure tests for external leaks & radiator cap function. Additionally, water pump strength, thermostat and circulation. CALL for a head gasket repair, or a coolant system analysis and exchange.

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