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Understanding what is going on inside an engine coolant system can help avoid overheating the engine. All engines are different, each engine requires a certian cooling capacity to properly cool the engine. Coolant systems from the factory are designed to be overbuilt by about 30%. This is called the “coolant system reserve”. Over time the “reserve” becomes diminished. The radiator collects sediment, and scale. With the radiator getting clogged, the circulation is less than when it came from the manufacturer. The impeller on the water pump will wear down, which results in less circulation than when it came from the manufacturer. The fan clutch will become worn and not turn with as much strength as when it came from the factory. The heater core, which is like a mini radiator will also collect sediment, and scale. With a clogged heater core, less fluid passes through the passages, resulting in less heat in the cabin. If an overheating occurs because if the diminished capacity of the coolant system, the need for a head gasket repair is probable. One of the best ways to avoid needing a head gasket repair is to periodically exchange the antifreeze. By exchanging the antifreeze, old sediment and scale are flushed out. Additionally, with new antifreeze the anti-corrosive additives help control the build up inside the coolant system. During the antifreeze exchange it recommended to perform a pressure test on the entire coolant system. A pressure test can reveal external leaks due to an old hose, or leaking gasket. Ideal Head Gasket Repair provides a mobile antifreeze exchange service. A free pH test is available for any vehicle. The average price for an exchange is $80. Click HERE for more information about the Ideal Head Gasket Repair exchange service.


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