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If a head gasket is damaged, call Ideal Head Gasket Repair for a free consultation. After a 5 minute consultation we can determine if the head gasket is damaged, and if there is a chance of a successful head gasket repair. The call and expert advice is FREE, call today. Most of the time when a vehicle requires a head gasket to be repaired, the vehicle overheated. A defective thermostat or bad radiator cap is the most common cause of overheating. If the antifreeze has not been exchanged for a long time, corrosion of the coolant system can occur. When the antifreeze gets too old, sludge and minerals accumulate throughout the coolant system especially in the radiator. After             accumulating so much sludge, the radiator becomes clogged. With a clogged radiator, the fluid in the coolant system cannot be cooled down enough before it goes back into the engine. When that happens a head gasket repair is often needed. Ideal Head Gasket Repair can probably help. Most damaged head gaskets are fairly minor. If it is repaired early enough, the chance of a permanent repair is very good. You will be told the truth about the chances for a permanent head gasket repair. We will not schedule a service call unless the chances are very high. A written 90 day unlimited mileage warranty will be provided at the end of a successful head gasket repair.

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