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Call for a free consultation. Let us help in diagnosing coolant system problems and head gasket issues. Sometimes a customer calls after a mechanic tells them that they are in need of a head gasket repair. After a short conversation we discover the mechanic is wrong. Many mechanics are good at diagnosing general vehicle problems. Most mechanics are not coolant system experts. They have a good idea how a coolant system works but don’t understand how it really works. Often they will say it is the thermostat, replace it and the overheating occurs again. Then the water pump gets replaced, still overheating. Got to be the radiator. After replacing the radiator, still overheats. Then it has got to be the head gasket. A lot of mechanics are in the business of replacing parts. If they get it wrong, there usually is no refund or credit for the parts and labor for replacing parts that did not fix the problem. A blown head gasket usally does not cause a vehicle to overheat as many mechanics assume. A head gasket usally gets blown because a component like a radiator cap, thermostat, water pump, radiator  or the fan system goes out. After the failure of a coolant system component, then the head gasket goes out. The overheating issue must be diagnosed or repairing the head gasket will do no good. Over the years Ideal Services has developed and was issued a patent for a flushing / diagnostic system specifically designed for coolant systems. The system will be used to analyzed for weak or failing coolant system components. If you are in need of a head gasket repair, the first step is to call and discuss your vehicle with a coolant system expert.


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